Banish Mold on Your Property for Good

Banish Mold on Your Property for Good

Hire TechEast Fire & Water Restoration INc. for mold removal company in Albany, NY

Mold isn't just gross-it's a huge health hazard to you and your family. If you have mold growing in your home or office, you need a professional to clear it out. TechEast Fire & Water Restoration Inc. offers expert mold removal services in Albany, New York.

After your home has been inspected for mold, hire TechEast Fire & Water Restoration to remove the bacteria quickly.

3 things to know about mold abatement

Don't let a mold problem destroy your home. Here are a few things to know about mold removal before you book a service:

  1. In the state of New York, it's required by law that a third party removes your mold.
  2. Proper mold restoration requires top-of-the-line equipment and dehumidifiers.
  3. You cannot live in your home during the mold abatement process.

Our crew works efficiently to get rid of mold and get you back in your home ASAP. Call 518-915-1062 right now to book a mold removal appointment in Albany, NY.